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Mixed mode disc

A mixed mode disc is one of the disc types known as Enhanced CD/CD Extra/CD Plus. A mixed mode disc contains both audio (for usual audio players) and data (readable for other devices, like PCs).

To create a mixed mode disc, start a new audio compilation and burn your audio tracks to disc.

In the burn settings dialog, make sure that

  1. Finalize disc is unchecked
  2. Track at Once / Pause between tracks is selected.
  3. Enable CD-Text is unchecked

Then start the burning process.

After that, start a new data compilation. Add all the data you need to the layout, and open the burn settings dialog (press the burn button in any of the toolbars).

In the burn settings dialog, make sure that Finalize disc is checked, then start the burning process.

Now you should end up with a CD that contains both audio and files.
This is how a successfully burned disc would look like, in “My PC”, Windows XP: