Play Audio Track

When creating an Audio Disc, many times we would like to listen to a track we have located, before adding it to the compilation. For this there is a low functionality Audio Player integrated in the program. The Audio Player is only available under Audio Compilation, accessible by selecting View –> Audio player in the menu.

Screenshot: Select Audio player

The Audio player will appear, as shown below.

Screenshot: Audio player

Click the Play button, to listen to the track. After you have began playing the track the Play button changes to Pause button. By clicking on the time field, you can change from Elapsed to Remaining time and vice versa. Under the title of the track, there is a slider selection bar with which you can browse through it.

Screenshot: Pause when playing

You can also drag and drop tracks on the player to start playing, either from the Explorer window or the Compilation window. The player doesn't change the functionality of the program in any way. Once you have added a track in the compilation you can click on it, with the right mouse button, and choose Play track from the context menu that appeared.

Screenshot: Play track

The track will continue to play, even if you close the Player window, so if you want to stop the reproduction click the Pause button first.