Create an MP3 disc

How is an MP3 CD different from audio discs?

There are basically two kinds of audio discs: On the one hand we have "classic" audio discs with a very limited number of tracks (approx. 20), compatible with all CD players, and on the other hand we have so called “MP3 discs” which can store much more files due to the compression and also support folder structures. MP3 discs, however, are not compatible with all classic audio CD players.

How to create an MP3 disc

To create an MP3 disc, you can simply create a data disc and put any of your MP3 files on it. Depending on the playing device, other formats like WMA or OGG might also be supported. Some CD players might not support the UDF file system, so you should use the ISO/Joliet file system for burning MP3 discs (Disc > File system in the menu).

A very interesting feature is, that you can drag a playlist into the compilation window (M3U or WPL file), created by a media player on your computer. The program then will ask you whether to add the playlist itself or add the items contained in the playlist. This option may be disabled according to your settings on the Program Options, under the Data Options tab, in Special Files. Note that whilst playlists have the tracks in specific order, discs don't preserve that order (see below).

Defining the order of the tracks

You cannot define the audio track order for MP3 CDs.

This is because data discs simply have no “order”. Just as the files on your hard drive, you cannot say which file is “first” and which one is “last”.

Instead, the playing device (that is, your CD or DVD player) can sort the files on the disc in any way you prefer, because the MP3 tags are also burned to disc. For example, you can have your MP3 player sort the tracks by artist or title. That is, if your player supports that feature.

Unfortunately, many players seem to sort files only by file name (alphabetically). If you want to ensure a particular playback order on such devices, prefix your files with numbers, for example “01_”, “02_”, and so on.

You can create mixed mode disc, which contain audio and data at the same time. Also, we have a tutorial which explains creating MP3 files from audio CDs.