Recommended additional programs:

  • Audacity - a good free audio editor
  • DVDShrink - backup/rip your DVDs
  • ISOBuster - read scratched CDs and ISO files
  • nlite - create slipstreamed and/or reduced WinXP-CDs (resulting ISO image can be burned using CDBurnerXP)
  • WinCDEmu - open-source CD/DVD emulator (for mounting ISO images)

Other tutorials:

Getting started...

Alternative FAQ: http://www.cheetahburner.com/faq.html

For “How to…”-questions read the helpfile first. If you can't find your answer, read the FAQ below.

If you did not find an answer in the helpfile or FAQ, go to the forums and ask. Before posting, however, you should read this topic, it contains common information and a list of interesting topics in our forum.

Most common questions and answers (read them!)

Q: I get an error at startup, what can I do?
A: If you are using the Comodo Personal Firewall, try uninstalling it. And make sure that you are using the latest version of CDBurnerXP.

Q: What is important when installing CDBurnerXP?
A: The only thing you have to do is to install it with administrative rights, otherwise setup will not finish successfully. It is recommended to uninstall any previous version of CDBurnerXP, although this is not required since version 3.0.

Q: Will CDBurnerXP run on a 64 bit (x64) platform?
A: Yes, it will. There also is a 64 bit edition of CDBurnerXP available, but it is not necessary to use it. 32 bit editions will work fine on 64 bit systems.

Q: I get an error when starting the program: “Application has generated an exception that could not be handled”, Common Language Runtime Debugging Services.
A: You can either try to install a newer .NET Framework version or you can try reinstalling .NET, after uninstalling it with a special remover tool before. Screenshot:

Q: Help!!! My data is lost!!
A: Occasionally (not neccessarily related to CDBurnerXP) data on a disc disappears after burning, or maybe your disc got damaged. In those cases you can almost certainly recover your data with ISOBuster.
If you accidentially deleted files on your hard drive, Recuva might help.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: All operating systems from Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 onwards are supported.

Q: Can I run a silent setup?
A: Yes, you can. See KB:13 for more information.

Q: Where can I download music? I want my money back!
A: First of all you will never ever get your money back. CDBurnerXP is freeware and thus we don't charge any money for it. All those people who know that CDBurnerXP is freeware will probably be a little confused now but there really are people who buy CDBurnerXP from some fake sites. Secondly, we don't offer any music downloads. If you want to burn audio-CDs with music, buy it.

Q: What about OpenSource?
A: See KB:4.

Q: Are there any conflicts with other programs?
A: The Comodo Personal Firewall is known to cause problems. Also, to ensure that everything works properly, do not use 2 burning programs at the same time (that doesn't mean you cannot have 2 or more buring programs installed).

Q: Why does the burned DVD not work in my DVD Player?
A: You have to burn a Video-DVD using the UDF file format which is only supported by CDBurnerXP 4.0 and higher (File → DVD Video layout).

Q: Do I need admin rights to use CDBurnerXP?
A: No. During setup you can enable the option to allow non-admin users to burn CDs.

Q: I erased my disc, but the contents are still there?
A: Because of some agressive caching methods, it may be required to eject and re-insert the disc before you can see that the disc is actually empty. Also check details on caching issues by Microsoft.

Another option: Make sure refreshing is not disabled in Windows Explorer.

Q: My disc shows up empty after burning!
A: This is complementary to the question above :)

Q: Can I burn files larger than 4GB?
A: Yes, if you use the UDF file system.

Q: Can I use my CD burning drive to burn DVDs?
A: No. You need a drive which is also capable of burning DVDs (explicitly).

Q: Why aren't multibyte characters displayed correctly on burned CDs?
A: This is only supported by CDBurnerXP 4.0 and higher.

Q: How do I create an ISO file?
A: Read “how to create an ISO image”.

Q: The download does not work! What do I do now?
A: If you used a download manager, try to deactivate it. If you didn't use one, download (eg.) FDM and try again. You can also try to use one of the mirrors on our download page (there may be a short delay for the mirrors to update when a new version is released).

Q: Is there a … language version of CDBurnerXP?
A: Yes, since version 4.0 there are multiple language files for CDBXP available. In case your language is not yet supported, feel free to help us with the translation by letting us know in the forums.

Q: Do I need “Windows Media Format 9.0 Update”?
A: Only if you want to operate with WMA files (rip or burn) and don't have it installed already.

Q: How do I create a MP3-CD?
A: Same as any other Data-CD. Just add MP3-files and folders to your CD layout. Read How to create an mp3 and How to create an Audio disc.

Q: Can I create a bootable CD/ISO file?
A: Yes. Read bootable discs / create ISO for more information.

Q: How can I copy a CD?
A: Read how to copy a data disc or copy an audio cd.

Q: Is my drive compatible with CDBurnerXP?
A: Usually every drive is compatible if it is not too old. You can see at tested drives list which drives were tested by our users. However, if your drive is listed there, there is no guarantee that it will work. A correct system configuration is also needed and and we cannot verify the information given by our users.

Q: CDBurnerXP does not recognize my drive!
A: See our troubleshooting section.

Q: Can I continue a multisession disc?
A: Yes, read Compile Data-CD/DVD.

Q: What is the difference between Mode 1/XA and Mode 2/XA?
A: Read this: http://www.cdrfaq.org/faq02.html#S2-2

Q: How can I add tracks to an audio-CD?
A: You can't. Multisession audio discs won't play on standard CD players. Better create an MP3-CD if you want to add tracks later.

Q: Is there a backup feature in CDBurnerXP?
A: Not yet. However, it may help you to know that you can save your compilation so that you don't have to recreate it every time (File → Save/Open CD/DVD Layout). You can also update it (add new files, remove missing files) when you open it and rightclick in compilation area → “Update compilation”.

Q: Can I format my disc as UDF with CDBurnerXP?
A: As of version 4.0, you can.

Q: Can I convert my old LP's to audio-CD?
A: Yes. You can use Audacity to record and edit LP's, then you can use CDBurnerXP to burn the recorded files as an audio-CD. You should try different connections for recording, microphone and line-in.

Q: Can I burn a gapless audio-CD?
A: Yes. Read create Audio-CD.

Q: Does CDBurnerXP contain any spyware or other restrictions?
A: The default setup of CDBurnerXP includes OpenCandy (a component which displays a single advertisement during setup, allowing you to install additional optional software). Other than that it does not contain any adware nor spyware nor any other restrictions. It is absolutely free, for personal and commercial use alike. If necessary, you can even download a version without OpenCandy from the download page.

Q: Can I add CD-Text to an audio CD?
A: As of version 4.2.7, you can.