KB14: CDBurnerXP paths and settings

Application directory

The setup directory of the application is C:\Program files\CDBurnerXP by default. The most recent setup path is also stored in the registry at



Some settings are stored in the registry at


, however, most settings for Windows 2000 until 2003 are stored at

C:\Documents and settings\{USER}\Application data\Canneverbe_Limited

or at the location below for Windows Vista:


Temporary files

CDBurnerXP stores all temporary files within the system defined folder for temporary data. You can easily locate this folder by going to Start –> Run, typing “%temp%” and pressing enter. Temporary data which has been generated as a result of processing audio files are stored within a subfolder “TempRips” in this directory. This directory is emptied automatically by CDBurnerXP on a regular basis (because these files might take up a lot of disk space).

To change the location of your temporary directory, open the system properties (Windows-key + Pause or rightclick on “My Computer” and “Properties”), go to the tab “Advanced”,

click on “Environment variables”

and edit the values for TEMP/TMP.

To ensure system stability, you should always have plenty of free space available on the drive used for the temporary folder.