The main toobar will help you access the most common actions of CDBurnerXP.

Screenshot: Main Toolbar

You can have a label under each icon, by right clicking anywhere on the toolbar and checking Show text.

Screenshot: Main Toolbar with text

Explaining the buttons

Screenshot: New Icon Create a new project. It opens the startup screen for you to select the type of the compilation.

You can only open one compilation at the same time.

Screenshot: Open Icon Open an existing CDBurnerXP Project File. You can see more about this in the data- and audio-burning help section.

Screenshot: Save Icon Click this button to save your project. If you didn't save it before, you will be asked for a filename.

Screenshot: Dropbox Icon Show drop box.

Screenshot: Close Icon Close the current sub-window / project (not the main application).

Screenshot: Print Icon Click this button to access the (cover) printing features.

Screenshot: Erase Icon Erase your disc (applicable to rewritable discs.)

Screenshot: Burn Icon Start data / audio burning process.

Screenshot: Disc Information Icon Get disc information.

Screenshot: Recorder Information Icon Get recorder information.

Screenshot: Open Drive Icon Eject the disc (open drive tray).

Screenshot: Close Drive Icon Close drive tray.

Screenshot: Open Settings Icon Open settings dialog.

Screenshot: On-line Update Icon Start online update and download the latest version of CDBurnerXP.

Screenshot: Internet Link Icon Get internet links for CDBurnerXP.

Screenshot: Credits Icon See credits of CDBurnerXP.

Screenshot: Help Icon Open the help file.

Version requirement

This article applies to version 4.0.027 or higher.

In older versions of CDBurnerXP the icons may appear different, since it has been redesigned.